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Understanding Digital Jurisdiction

In today’s world, life and business is moving more into to a virtual space and this has of course been accelerated as a result of the Covid pandemic. Now more than ever it is important to rethink the very basis of how we organise, make decisions, and structure the world’s governance. And how can we do this in the context of crypto and Web3?

Web3 infrastructure can provide the foundations of a digital jurisdiction. In the Web3 world rules are enforced by decentralized governance and DAOs allow for a group of stakeholders to participate in governance of an organisation that has no affiliation to a nation state. How do we treat that in the judicial system and how does it sit within existing national jurisdictions?

Topics discussed in the episode

  • What is a digital jurisdiction?
  • How Aragon is helping create decentralized autonomous organisations and communities
  • The behaviours of millennials today and how geographical borders have fallen
  • How to ensure new digital jurisdictions remain utopian
  • Some applications currently being built on Aragon
  • Where new systems sit within current judicial systems
  • Why Tim invested in the Aragon Network Token (ANT) model
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