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ML with the Microsoft Autonomous Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer unique opportunities and challenges for automating complex industrial systems. Machine teaching is a new paradigm for building ML...

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How to Get Free BNB

Nowadays, many people are interested in how to earn binance coin for free. Crypto assets are becoming more desirable thanks to the numerous benefits...

Speculations on Amazon considering Crypto

NEW YORK (AP) — Bitcoin's price surged again Monday after speculation that Amazon may be entering the cryptocurrency sector after it posted a job...

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ML Combats Increased Road Issues like Extreme Weather

The increased frequency of extreme weather events has become impossible to ignore. In 2018, California experienced the most deadly wildfire in its history. Over 85% of Paradise’s town...

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Building Intelligent Bots Using Microsoft Bot Framework

Azure, Microsoft's cloud, provides dozens of services to make cloud development fast without the need to worry about infrastructure such as hardware. In this...

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