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Ethereum Classic network power skyrocketed after ‘The Merge’

Ethereum Classic network hash rate has increased since late July. The increase in capacity is due to the arrival of miners leaving Ethereum due to the upcoming Merge fork, and ETH rejecting the PoW consensus in favor of...

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Chainalysis Helps Governments Trace Crypto

In May 2021, hackers launched a cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline Co., the company behind the largest gasoline pipeline in the United States. It was...

Ethereum Token Issuance Plummets Following Merge

  According to data from, the annual token supply change for Ethereum (ETH) has decreased from 3.79% to 0.20% since the Merge. Ethereum switched from...

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Surviving Global Economic Recession through Data

Enterprise-level companies have the luxury of deep resources to analyze and continuously update business risks, performance and opportunities. Most other companies rely on small finance teams...
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Python metaprogramming Tutorial

Metaprogramming, like metadata, is the creation of programs that manipulate other programs. It is widely assumed that metaprograms are programs that generate other programs....
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