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AI Enables Humans to Talk to Animals

Until recently, the idea that animals might have their own languages was mocked by the scientific community. Modern technology is being used by scientists...

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Future of Crypto Could Be Like Iraq’s Past

The Iraqi dinar was innovative at the time. Years prior to the creation of Bitcoin, American day traders were attracted by the widely circulated...

Brazil Legalizes Crypto as a Payment Method

Although Brazil did not declare Bitcoin to be the legal currency, it took the next best action by allowing cryptocurrencies as a form of...

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Using ML For Designing Complex Mechanical Metamaterials

Complex artificial structures called mechanical metamaterials have mechanical properties that are determined by their structure rather than their content. Although the development of new...

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This Scam Allows Crooks To Steal Your Data

Using phishing emails, social engineering, and a network of fake contact centers, a cyber-extortion gang is fooling people out of hundreds of thousands of...
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Python metaprogramming Tutorial

Metaprogramming, like metadata, is the creation of programs that manipulate other programs. It is widely assumed that metaprograms are programs that generate other programs....
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