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AI-powered autonomous Fighter jet, SKYNET is around the corner

The AI-powered X-62A VISTA autonomous warplane, developed by the US Air Force, performed a historic test flight on Thursday.

According to The Associated Press, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall went through multiple aerial warfare scenarios and combat exercises during the trip over Edwards Air Force Base. Since testing started in September, the AI-powered aircraft has completed about two dozen flights, and according to the site, it has started to beat human pilots in some situations.

A human-piloted F-16 and the X-62A VISTA aircraft flew “nearly nose to nose” during the Thursday flight, according to the AP, as they maneuvered within 1,000 feet of one another at around 550 miles per hour.

While humanitarian organizations have voiced serious concerns about entrusting an AI-powered ship with life-and-death decisions, Kendall emphasized that, like it or not, AI is already reshaping global warfare tactics.

“It’s a security risk not to have it. At this point, we have to have it,” Kendall told AP after he landed.

According to the AP, the US Air Force is placing a large bet on artificial intelligence by purchasing a fleet of 1,000 autonomous drones, the first of which will be operational in 2028, to enable them to carry out riskier maneuvers than are feasible for manned aircraft.

Although the AP stated that pilots at the Edwards Air Force Base are aware that AI-powered aircraft may eventually replace them, the publication also mentioned that the airmen are afraid to engage in combat with an AI-capable enemy if the United States lacks an autonomous fleet.

“We have to keep running. And we have to run fast,” Kendall told AP after his Thursday flight.

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