Modulefinder — Find modules used by a script

Modulefinder — Find modules used by a script

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modulefinder — Find modules used by a script

  • Example usage of ModuleFinder

This module provides a ModuleFinder class that can be used to determine the set of modules imported by a script. can also be run as a script, giving the filename of a Python script as its argument, after which a report of the imported modules will be printed.modulefinder.AddPackagePath(pkg_namepath)

Record that the package named pkg_name can be found in the specified path.modulefinder.ReplacePackage(oldnamenewname)

Allows specifying that the module named oldname is in fact the package named newname.class modulefinder.ModuleFinder(path=Nonedebug=0excludes=[]replace_paths=[])

This class provides run_script() and report() methods to determine the set of modules imported by a script. path can be a list of directories to search for modules; if not specified, sys.path is used. debug sets the debugging level; higher values make the class print debugging messages about what it’s doing. excludes is a list of module names to exclude from the analysis. replace_paths is a list of (oldpath, newpath) tuples that will be replaced in module

Print a report to standard output that lists the modules imported by the script and their paths, as well as modules that are missing or seem to be missing.run_script(pathname)

Analyze the contents of the pathname file, which must contain Python code.modules

A dictionary mapping module names to modules. See Example usage of ModuleFinder.

Example usage of ModuleFinder

The script that is going to get analyzed later on (

import re, itertools

    import baconhameggs
except ImportError:

    import guido.python.ham
except ImportError:

The script that will output the report of

from modulefinder import ModuleFinder

finder = ModuleFinder()

print('Loaded modules:')
for name, mod in finder.modules.items():
    print('%s: ' % name, end='')

print('Modules not imported:')

Sample output (may vary depending on the architecture):

Loaded modules:
copyreg:  _inverted_registry,_slotnames,__all__
sre_compile:  isstring,_sre,_optimize_unicode
sre_constants:  REPEAT_ONE,makedict,AT_END_LINE
re:  __module__,finditer,_expand
__main__:  re,itertools,baconhameggs
types:  __module__,IntType,TypeType
Modules not imported:

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