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Living Indefinitely within the Parameters of the Universe

Living indefinitely so that we may experience the future is an exciting capability, especially after being born with a life expectancy of less than a century. Access to regenerative medicine in the 21st century will enable transhumanists to witness the next stages of human evolution. Can computing power beyond that of the triune mammalian brain allow us to travel anywhere in existence? The Transhumanist Party’s initiative is to transition from nature into an engineered society of security and prosperity.

The Transhumanist Party would like to allocate 300 billion dollars each year, over the course of a decade, in order to promote radical human life extension by the year 2035. For many, this is not soon enough and still, there are no reliable sources of information which provide an accurate prediction as to when the first immortal human beings will start living forever. Despite our recent breakthroughs, the most efficient and effective method of curing death hasn’t been developed. Unfortunately, radical human life extension will probably not be available until 2035.

The technological advancements and scientific achievements are expected to become available for transhumanists as soon as possible. So quick, in fact, that as h+ researchers begin to reach the longevity escape velocity, some people will have access to regenerative medicine and some will not. To defeat aging one must eliminate the causes for age related diseases personally or do so by use of an alternative method. Those who wish to avoid death would do well to ensure access to regenerative medicine before it becomes available. Otherwise, the only alternative to death is an optimal cryopreservation.

Members of the Cryonics Institute are cryopreserved along with their pets, but the chances of surviving the process differs for each patient. The brain must be fully saturated with antifreeze cryoprotectant solution during the perfusion in a timely manner. Afterwards, the brain must be safely maintained within cryostasis. Although the gloomy continuum of all cryonics patients includes various amounts of decay, it leads to a beautiful future of resurrection.

Our future is expected to include a plethora of biological modifications which extend life and which increase the amount of an environment that we may sense. The future includes advanced intellectual calculations, emotional chemical reactions, and physical molecular structures designed to facilitate an integration between those of man and that of Cyborg. In the future, universal types of stored energy which replace money are what allow sustainable life. Eventually, the mind may be uploaded into a computer matrix. If the Universe itself is a computer, then it may be possible to travel anywhere in existence.

Theoretically it may be possible to travel anywhere in existence. The entire world is one fixed set of data that describes all things possible and impossible. The Universe itself is a computer that fully calculates all parameters involved with any possible event. These parameters acting as guidelines for space-time are what control matter. If you can control the parameters directly as opposed to manipulating the matter, space-time becomes a collection of unchangeable structures which may have various algorithms applied to them.

Atoms and molecules of an environment could be reconfigured within exact specifications into any configuration of matter. This would appear as if objects disintegrated into tiny particles before reassembling into another object. Creatures could then morph between different versions of themselves. They change in order to become the appropriate combination of certain physical senses relative to an environment or situation. All the while these intellectual beings are predicting a multitude of possible future scenarios and accounting for what is most likely to occur.

Travelers could span any distance, instantaneously teleporting to any place in the present. Travelers could then also adventure to any place from the past and travel to any place in the potential future. Beyond that, multiple divergent realities exist that split from single points in time where history is different. If there is truly a chance of two or more courses of action happening, then both will occur separately. Or else chance doesn’t actually exist and everything is destined to occur in only one way.

Dimensions of other places that do not develop naturally as part of the space-time continuum may be accessed as well. These realms are virtually hyper realistic lucid dreams where the laws of physics still apply. Living within reality as if it were a lucid dream is the ultimate capability. Similar to a dream, control comes from the brain. The brain decides what happens and what doesn’t happen. Computing power beyond that of the triune mammalian brain, that can be equipped unto the brain, is what allows beings who are living indefinitely to travel anywhere in existence. This power could be recognized as the singularity.

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