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Do We Really Need Bitcoin ?

So, why Bitcoin? Because the 21st century needs a 21st century system of internet money that is open, borderless, neutral, censorship-resistant, immutable and permissionless… and that’s Bitcoin.”

— Andreas M. Antonopoulos


00:03:43: Introductions
00:03:59: Why we need Bitcoin
00:06:14: Explaining Bitcoin to different culture
00:09:41: Why is financial privacy important
00:15:26: Financial privacy reducing freedoms
00:19:30: Side benefits of Bitcoin outside of finance
00:22:49: Financial censorship
00:27:36: Sectors targeted by the government
00:35:09: Bitcoin’s impact on central banks
00:39:55: Why bailouts prevent true free markets
00:42:47: Bitcoin as a safe haven asset
00:47:51: Hyperbitcoinisation
00:52:59: Why care about Bitcoin
00:58:10: Final comments

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