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10 Best Websites to Learn Python

To begin explaining what is the best place to learn Python on we need to understand that the current world we know would not be the same if it was not for the advanced computer systems that have been developed by talented programmers over the last decades. Computer programming plays a huge role when it comes to enhancing our daily life, automating processes, helps to calculate and manage all kinds of data.

The current cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and other kinds of sophisticated automation exist only because of the programming languages. While many languages can bring significant benefits, some elevate itself above the others.

One of the most universal and best programming languages to learn out there is Python. Python programming language is a high-level, object-orientated computer technology that has been developed in 1980 by Guido van Rossum.

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn since it requires a unique syntax that focuses on readability. The reason why it is so beginner-friendly is that its codes are much easier to understand for a developer than the other languages. But that is just a small asset of what Python means in the current computer science state. What are the other important things to know before looking for the best place to learn Python?

Importance of PythonBest Place to Learn Python - Computer programming

If you have been using applications like Spotify, Instagram, Uber, or Reddit then you have already met with the capabilities of Python. It is a general-purpose programming language that can be used to create almost anything. Even NASA uses Python to create their equipment and space machinery. That says a lot about the importance of this programming language.

Python was designed to be highly extensible. This modularity made the programming language very popular since it allowed to add programmable interfaces to the existing extensions. One of the goals of Python programming language is to create a simpler, less-cluttered syntax and grammar while giving the developers freedom of choice on how they want to build their codes. Nonetheless, Python’s design offers some support for functional programming, since it has a filter, map, reduce, and many other functions.

The programming language’s core philosophy has been summarized in the Zen of Python as the following sentences:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly
  • Explicit is better than implicit
  • Simple is better than complex
  • The complex is better than complicated
  • Readability counts

Now that it is pretty clear that Pythons’ existence means a lot in the current state of computer science development, let’s find out what online platforms can be considered as the best place to learn Python on.

Top 10 Online Platforms to Learn Python

E-learning has risen in popularity since it offers a lot more freedom than the regular education system. One of the other reasons why they became so popular is that it allows the student to select only the needed study material and makes it a lot easier to be productive while learning.

While countless websites can offer useful tutorials on the Python or other programming languages, some stand out among the others.


BitDegree is an online education platform that is trying to revolutionize the way of educating people. The main focus of all the BitDegree courses is to teach people digital skills that are so important nowadays. BitDegree uses blockchain technology to record educational achievements and enable anyone to issue cryptocurrency-based scholarships to the learners. Nonetheless, not so long ago the company has implemented gamification into the learning process which makes it a lot more fun, engaging, and rewarding. It also offers an interactive Python course that gives you the opportunity to see your code in action.

The reason why it is considered that it could be the best place to learn Python is that BitDegree offers more than 20 courses on it. It has a wide range of all the different methods and instructors that explain Python programming language on different levels such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Among the instructors that partnership with BitDegree, you can find computer science super-star names like Sagar Bansal, LearnToProgram organization, Stone River e-learning, Mammoth Interactive, and many more.

While the courses provide all the right materials to learn Python, the gamification process that we already mentioned slightly above improves the learning experience. In cooperation with Octalysis, BitDegree created levels, badges, profiles, daily challenges, virtual currency and goods that can be used to purchase courses and earn gifts. Why gamification process is important is that it gives a sense of achievement while learning, triggers a dopamine rush and reinforces eager to learn behavior.


The second contender on looking for the best place to learn Python is an education company Codecademy. Its goal is to create an environment that is best for learning, teaching, and to create the learning experience of the future. The creators of Codecademy believe that the educational system is currently too old to be up-to-date to current society needs, and it needs to be reformed.

Codecademy revolves around providing expertly made courses for most of the computer languages. The goal of their courses is to make computer programming fun and easy to learn, which is essential while making students’ interest as high as possible. One of the biggest perks that Codecademy offers for its users is access to the community of students that are likely to help you if you are struggling or having issues during the course. The instructors understand that some might have a slower learning process than the others, that’s why the platform provides hints and caters to the ones who are having rough time mastering the material.

Overall, Codecademy suggests more than 15 courses results on Python which makes it pretty easy to find the right one for you.


Another online learning platform that could be considered as the best place to learn Python is Udemy. This platform could also be considered as the most widely known. It serves as a platform to connect instructors and students for the main cause of online courses on topics of their choice.

Currently, Udemy offers around 15 major categories of courses that include the most important topic of this article – Python programming language. As on most of the other online learning platforms, Udemy does not require any pre-qualification to take any of their courses. Each of their courses consists of footage that is ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. The interesting about their courses is that they offer quizzes and after lectures so that students could self-check whether they mastered the learning material.

Udemy platform instructors are generally business people with actual real-life experience that are focused on teaching both, the theoretical and practical knowledge. After the courses, you can receive a certificate of completion which can be useful in your further career.


Coursera an online education provider that offers courses, popularly known as “MOOCs” or Massive Open Online Courses. The reason why Coursera could be considered as a different online education provider and a strong contender for the best place to learn Python is that it offers tutorials that have been made in partnership with many known universities. At the moment of this article, Coursera has 192 partners from 43 countries and universities like Stanford, Princeton, Melbourne and many others.

The length of the courses on Coursera last from four to ten weeks, with one to two hours of video lectures a week. Same as many other online education platforms it offers quizzes and exercises, but also it offers peer-graded assignments, sometimes a final project and an exam.

Coursera offers around 220 results with the keyword Python and many of them are made with the partnership of many known universities.

CodeCombatBest Place to Learn Python - Programming in two screens

To shake things up a little let’s have a break from the online education platforms that mostly revolve around offering courses and think of an alternative to the best place to learn Python. As we all know, one of the best ways to learn something is through practice. CodeCombat is an online game that works by teaching Python programming language while the person is playing. To make your character move or do other kinds of things, the user needs to write codes in Python which will lead to characters’ actions.

CodeCombat is a community project that is constantly being augmented by the volunteer players, who can contribute by adding their codes to add features, fix bugs or even translate the game to the other languages.

The site of CodeCombat is built on numerous open-source projects. By contributing to the online game which is also a learning platform, the code-curious users can also receive a familiar project than is similarly open-sourced to explore and experiment with.


The next on our list on the best place to learn Python is a one-on-one online education platform CodeMentor. The platform has been created to provide instant help for the software developer by sharing the screens, video and text chats between instructors and the students. The goal of the company was to create a system that would duplicate the real-life situation of a student and a teacher to have the most useful user experience on programming, debugging, and code reviews. As the creator of CodeMentor said, their goal is to bridge the gap between the experience of asking public questions on forums having a real mentor sitting right beside you.

The platform wants to help coders train with the expert developer in certain programming languages, like in this case Python. What they also mention is that CodeMentor platform wants to give students live help that maybe other platforms that only offer courses with pre-recorded with the footage.

The students can ask their questions in two different ways on the platform. The first one is to ask directly on the website and later be matched a certain mentor. The second one is for programmers to embed widgets on their blogs so followers could ask the questions directly from posts.


The idea behind the next best place to learn Python is very simple. The creators of it clearly understood the fact that there are many different students with different capabilities. They understood that some people need to set their own studying pace and that some prefer the comfort of their rooms.

The page was created back in 2006 when the first tutorial on HTML came out. The tutorial received a lot of positive feedback and since then they worked hard to add new tutorials that would help upcoming developers on their path. Now, TutorialsPoint of a wide range of topics including the very own Python programming language. According to their website, they collect around 40 million readers every month and those are pretty impressive numbers.

It is a great platform to start learning Python since its mission is to deliver easy, simple learning with clear, crisp, and to-the-point content.


Another platform, that could also arguably be considered the best place to learn Python online started as an experiment in online learning. It was founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stevens, and Mike Sokolsky, but originally it was Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig who introduced their very first course for free which was “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”. The course received a massive success when 160 thousand students from 190 countries enrolled.

Udacity is an online education provider that offers “MOOCs”. The thing that shines the brightest about Udacity among the other best websites to learn Python is that it focuses on the job training. They understand that theory does not help as much as practice would.

The company offers a micro-credentials called Nanodegrees. Nanodegrees are focused on in-demand skills that are in the field of technology. Udacity Nanodegree courses consist of video footage that is made in partnership with industry experts. If you’ll head to their website, you’ll find 25 search results that consist of the word Python and you’ll find the right one for you.

LinkedIn Learning

A subsidiary of LinkedIn, the next best place to learn Python can be considered LinkedIn Learning. In 1995 it was formed as an online support platform for books and classes of Lynda Weinman. Throughout the years it was followed by massive success until 2015 when LinkedIn announced its intention to buy the platform. The site has been rebranded to “Lynda.com from LinkedIn”.

Lynda.com is a leading online learning platform that focuses on helping people to learn business, software, technology, and many other skills. The courses are mostly held by only recognized industry experts, such as professional Python developers.
The platform has been in the market for more than 20 years and helped a lot of students to become a lot of IT specialists. In cooperation with 10 thousand organizations, Lynda.com from LinkedIn offers tutorials that are translated into five languages. It might become your leading star in learning Python.

edXBest Place to Learn Python - Computer programming in evening

The last best place to learn Python but not least is a non-profit, “MOOCs” provider that has partnered with the world’s leading universities and organizations – edX. It hosts online university-level courses. The platform has been created back in 2012 as a result of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Over its living period, the platform had over 14 million students and nearly 2 thousand courses.

It is needless to say that learning Python programming language can be delightful when we are talking about a product from such a famous university as MIT.

EdX courses consist of weekly learning sequences and each sequence is composed of short videos that have an addition of interactive learning exercises. Some courses may consist of additional tutorials, textbooks, and online discussions where the students can post their feedback or comments about the learning process. EdX also offers certificates of successful completion of the courses and some courses are credit-eligible. At this point, there are over 70 results for Python programming language courses and it is needless to say that they are waiting for you.


While it is safe to say that each of the contenders can be considered as the best place to learn Python it should not be forgotten that there are many more ways to learn it. The methods that can also have a significant impact on your learning process can be book reading, using applications on smartphones or tablets, computer games and of course project-based learning. If you are interested in the other ways and tips on learning Python programming language, head over to our tutorial section and find the best ones for you!

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