White House works to ‘cryptographically verify’ all official communications

As the public becomes more accustomed to the usage of easily navigable generative artificial intelligence, the White House is realizing that the American people need a mechanism to verify the veracity of comments made by President Joe Biden and associated data.

Since Joe Biden took office in 2020, generative AI has being studied in the White House. However, with the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last year, generative AI applications have skyrocketed. An AI-generated robocall last month sought to sabotage voting activities linked to the 2024 Presidential election by imitating Joe Biden’s voice. Big Tech firms like Meta, Google, Microsoft, and a variety of startups have rushed to produce consumer-friendly AI tools, resulting to a new wave of deep fakes.

Such calls are prohibited, according to a Federal Communications Commission declaration made on Thursday. However, there seems to be no end in sight for increasingly advanced new generative AI tools that make it simple for anyone with little to no technical expertise to produce calls, videos, and photographs that appear real but are wholly fraudulent.

Any government that wants to be a reliable source of information has to deal with that issue. Because of the increase in phony generative AI content, Ben Buchanan, Biden’s Special Advisor for Artificial Intelligence, told that the White House is developing a method to authenticate all of its official correspondence. According to Buchanan, the goal is to “basically cryptographically verify” any material released by the White House, including statements and videos.

While the Department of Commerce’s AI Safety Institute was established by the AI executive order of last year with the goal of developing standards for watermarking content to demonstrate provenance, the endeavor to authenticate White House communications is distinct. Additionally, Buchanan stated that while it is “in the works,” it is “a longer process.”

In the end, the intention is to make sure that anyone who watches a video of Biden made public by the White House can determine right away that it is real and hasn’t been edited by outside parties. According to Buchanan, in this instance, they are aware of the possibility of harm. They’re attempting to get ahead of it.

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