US Lost To China In AI Fight

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China has overtaken the United States in the fight against artificial intelligence, he said, adding that he could not stand to see China overtake America. We have no chance of fighting China in 15-20 years. Right now, it was a deal; I think it’s over, said 37-year-old first chief software officer for the US Air Force.

Former chief software officer Nicolas Chaillan, who announced his retirement on LinkedIn last month, told the Financial Times protesting the slow pace of technology transformation in the U.S. military.

Beijing is headed for global dominance thanks to its advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing skills, said Compared to China’s progress, US cyber defense in several departments government is at the kindergarten level.

Chaillan blames AI for Hoggle’s reluctance to work with the US Department of Defense. Chinese companies, on the other hand, are forced to work with Beijing and make “massive investments” in artificial intelligence regardless from ethics, he told the Financial Times.

Even though the US spends at least three times as much as China on defense, this means nothing because the US is spending in the wrong areas and “red tape and over-regulation” is blocking the changes the Pentagon needs.

Even in his announcement of his resignation, he did not express his disappointment with the workings of the Pentagon. Please stop putting a Major or Lieutenant Colonel (regardless of their devotion, attitude and extraordinary culture) in charge of ICAM, Zero Trust or Cloud for 1-4 million users when they have no previous experience in that field.

We created critical infrastructure to fail, we wouldn’t put a pilot in the cockpit without extensive flight training, why should we expect someone with no IT experience to be close to success? They don’t know what to do or what to prioritize, which leads to endless risk reduction efforts and thinning focus, he wrote.

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