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Top 10 Kaggle Datasets

In recent years, data science projects have grown in popularity among professional data scientists and aspiring data scientists. It aids in the understanding of concepts and mechanisms in the vast field of data science. Kaggle datasets are available to help with data science projects by providing relevant data and information. Kaggle is a popular online data science community where data scientists can find and publish Kaggle datasets to assist other data scientists in working on various data science projects efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the top ten Kaggle datasets that every data scientist should be familiar with by 2022.

Top 10 Kaggle datasets for a data scientist in 2022

  1. COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University

It is one of the top Kaggle datasets for every data scientist to use in pandemic-related data science projects. This dataset contains confirmed cases and deaths at the country level, as well as some metadata from the raw JHU data. The original Kaggle dataset for the data science domain includes the raw version.

  1. Data science for COVID-19

This Kaggle dataset provides a structured dataset based on KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report materials and local governments by analyzing and visualizing enough data for successful data science projects.

  1. Google-Landmarks Dataset

It is one of the most popular Kaggle datasets in 2022 for effective data science projects. A data scientist can use Google’s landmark recognition technology to predict landmark labels directly from image pixels in large annotated datasets. This Kaggle dataset is divided into two sets of images for computer vision tasks of recognition and retrieval.

  1. Binance Coin cryptocurrency data

This Kaggle dataset is well-known for providing comprehensive information on the popular cryptocurrency known as Binance Coin, as well as Binance exchange information. If any data scientist is working on a cryptocurrency-related data science project, this Kaggle dataset may be useful.

  1. 2022 Ukraine Russia War

Kaggle datasets are well-known for delivering up-to-date data and information, such as the 2022 Ukraine Russia war dataset, which can assist a data scientist in relevant data science projects. It provides information on Russia’s equipment losses, death toll, military wounded, and prisoners of war.

  1. COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge

COVID-19 pandemic is being used in a variety of data science projects, particularly by aspiring data scientists. The CORD-19 is well-known as a resource, with Kaggle datasets containing over 1,000,000 scholarly articles and over 350,000 with full-text on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.

  1. International football results from 1972 to 2019

Data science projects are not always related to healthcare or other industries. There is also a significant sports industry. As a result, with updated information on over 40,000 international football results, this dataset is one of the top Kaggle datasets. From 1972 to 2019, the dates range from the FIFA World Cup to the FIFI Wild Cup and friendly matches around the world.

  1. Major league soccer dataset

For MLS (Major League Soccer), this Kaggle dataset includes player statistics, game statistics, game events, and tables Over 6,000 matches and nearly 420,000 events in those matches comprise the dataset for data science projects.

  1. IMDB dataset

This is one of the most popular Kaggle datasets of the top 1000 movies and TV shows, with multiple categories for successful data science projects. The dataset contains poster links, series titles, released years, certificates, runtimes, genre, overviews, meta scores, and many other things.

  1. 2018 Kaggle ML and data science survey

With a comprehensive dataset and a survey, this is one of the most popular Kaggle datasets to use in data science projects. It demonstrates the various approaches that data scientists must use to break the field.

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