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AI image generator creates Earth’s final selfie

Has anyone even given a thought as to what the last selfies will look like before our planet earth dies? An artificial intelligence (AI) image generator has given a visual form to this thought and has generated images of the world’s last picture before it ends.

The haunting images were shared on TikTok by ‘Robot Overloads.’ The account typically posts images generated by AI in response to user input.

The AI image generator is none other than DALL-E 2, which produced these haunting images. ‘Robot Overloads’ created four images of people standing in front of various blazing and foreboding backgrounds.

In all of the terrifying images, people appeared disfigured, with large eyes and elongated fingers.

In all of the images, it appears that all of the defaced skeleton-like people are looking into cameras in some way as a massive explosive is thrown over their shoulders. The images also show plumes of smoke surrounding a terrifying skeleton figure.

The AI image generator captioned the photo, Asking an AI to reveal the last selfie ever taken, and it has received 12.7 million views.

More than 14,000 netizens were scared after seeing the images, and they reacted to Earth’s last selfies before it ends.

I’ll just keep going, not sleep, one user said, while another joked, at least the quality of the camera is good.

Few users were also of the suspicion that those generated images were not of planet earth’s, but of some other planet. The images appear to be from different planets, with one from the moon, someone commented.

Appears to be some wrong calculation since the earth is safe in the background. This might be some other place, another user commented.

Has anyone noticed that all the images have the same background, but just that the angles are different, suggested someone.

Perhaps we’ll have figured out how to live on another planet by then, another Tik Tok user speculated.

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