Customize Your Online Form

After adding the necessary form fields to your survey, click on the Save button in the top-right corner of the form builder and you will be automatically directed to the Customise page. On this page, you can beautify your survey by adding a logo, color, font, background image, etc. using the built-in Formplus features. Alternatively, you can add your own custom CSS.

Share & Start Collecting Graph data

After beautifying the survey to fit your taste, you can now share with respondents and collect the necessary data for your graph. With Formplus’ multiple sharing options, you can share your online survey via email, social media, QR code, etc, or even embed it on your website.

Uses of Graphs & Chart 

  • In Mathematics and Statistics

Graphs and charts are used in analytical geometry to map out the functions of two or more variables in a cartesian coordinate. They are also used to determine the correlation and regression of a statistical dataset.

  • In Data Interpretation

Charts and graphs are mainly used in data interpretation to make sense of a dataset. The charts summarize the information in a dataset, therefore, easing the data interpretation process.


There are different types of charts used in data visualization, with each of these charts being used in different situations. The situation in which these graphs are used depends mainly on the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

That is why we prefer to use bar charts in some cases, while in others we will use radar charts. Choosing which type of chart to use depends on the discretion of the data analyst, but this choice is influenced by factors like the strengths, weaknesses, audience, etc.

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