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Tyler Perry thinks AI can create great movies

One of the most seasoned producers in Hollywood is taking notice of the generative AI boom.

With his “Madea” franchise, billionaire entertainer Tyler Perry, aspired to grow his eponymous production studios in Atlanta.

The 330-acre site, which already stands as one of the biggest production sites in the nation, would have received an additional 12 sound stages, backlots, sets, and other amenities as part of the $800 million project.

However Perry was persuaded to reevaluate the expansion by the rapid advancement and sophistication of new AI technology, such as OpenAI’s new video tool Sora.

Perry informed The Hollywood Reporter that he was in the middle of, and had been preparing, a $800 million studio expansion for the previous four years. Because of what Sora is seeing, all of that is temporarily and permanently on pause.

Earlier this month, OpenAI made Sora available to a select group of creators and professionals who are striving to enhance AI safety. With text and visual suggestions, the program can create videos up to one minute in length. By completing the gaps in existing videos, it might potentially lengthen them. Sora doesn’t simply make short videos. These might be “complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of motion, and accurate details,” according to OpenAI.

Perry mentioned that he had heard about Sora but was unsure of what to anticipate. Until he recently seen the demonstrations of its capabilities, he was unaware. He find it shocking, he remarked.

AI’s “mind-blowing” capabilities, according to him, would probably eliminate the need for studios to construct elaborate sets or travel to different locations for filming.

Perry is a businessman, and he is aware that outsourcing work to technology will significantly increase his revenue. A pilot show that would have cost millions of dollars may now be produced for a fraction of the price, he claimed. As a seasoned Hollywood professional, he acknowledged that the development of AI poses a danger to all types of employment, including those of actors, editors, sound engineers, and transportation workers.

He urged Hollywood employees to unite under a single union, saying that now is the moment to put one united voice in action to assist preserve and defend the people in our industry.

But Perry still has plans to construct a massive entertainment complex that will compete with Universal Studios and Disney. There will be eateries, retail establishments, a theater, and an amusement park-like experience on the 37 acres of land that border his Atlanta studios.

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