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Stable “currency” behind Tether

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As we know in life, things are never what they seem. Rarely do we really, truly take the time to explore what the reasons behind these “things” are, and sometimes we may never get the answers – and they remain mysteries.

Well, we LOVE a good mystery at Crypto and Blockchain Talk and unfortunately, the crypto space is full of them (Quadriga CX comes to mind, as well as OneCoin – and podcasts about them are found in our podcast library). In the cases of Visa, Tether, and Coinbase, these mysteries can be pinned down to everything from misleading PR and social media posts, to outright, possibly felonious, tomfoolery.

Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Õunap, as she looks into three mysteries with her Dr. Watson, Ben Jessel of Forbes, and they ponder, when will these companies realize that the people of blockchain and crypto just want honesty and truth?

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