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SEC’s Proposed Rules Affecting DeFi

The director of research at Coin Center, Peter Van Valkenburgh, discusses a proposed rule by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that has significant implications for the free speech rights of crypto software developers in the US. Highlights of the show:

  1. why an SEC proposal to change the definition of “exchange” may infringe on the free speech rights of US crypto developers
  2. whether the SEC is targeting DeFi on purpose, given that its 200-page proposal makes no mention of crypto or DeFi.
  3. What precedent has Peter discovered that should prevent the SEC from removing software developers’ right to free speech?
  4. how Peter and Coin Center structured their recent SEC comment letter
  5. what the crypto community should do next (such as file a lawsuit?) if the rule is implemented
  6. why writing software is part of a person’s right to free expression
  7. what impact the proposed rule may have on AMMs
  8. What happens next: when will the rule be implemented?

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