Justifying AI Fears

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A well-diagnosed problem is a half-solved problem. With all the hype we hear about artificial intelligence (AI) today, it’s easy to overlook the arguments people have made against it. The pace of development of these new-world technologies has attracted a fair amount of criticism. There are AI opponents around the world who are afraid of these rapidly evolving technologies. Many thinkers have raised concerns about the various dangers associated with AI. From the robots controlling the world to the lack of jobs, concerns about these technologies have people wring their hands.

The heat of this criticism has also achieved some of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world. They are often criticized for their ambitious plans to go beyond the planet. Or use AI to create automobiles or printers without a driver who can do something for everything. Undoubtedly, these technologies can be used in dangerous. I understand, fear is always really, even if the reason is questionable. But we have to understand that technology is always neutral. The problem is not the rhythm of the development of AI, but the rhythm of the development of people. This criticism of entrepreneurs and developers is not a completely conscious view.

The criticism is directed against the progressive nature of the technology. This criticism is directed against the improvement of man. The pace of human change and the pace of technological change have not coincided. The game does not stop or slow the growth of technology. The game is not to stop the growth of technology or to slow down the growth of technology. But to increase the rate of human growth. We need to turn to people’s consciousness so that they can live in this new world of AI. Human learning has to keep pace with machine learning. The original intelligence of people have to put artificial intelligence in the shade.

We need to reform the way we educate ourselves. Formal and informal education systems need to be recalibrated to create people capable of dealing with these high-tech forces. Companies that invest an incredible amount of money in the advancement of technology also have to invest at least as much in the training and development of their employees. The skewed distribution of resources towards technology will never produce optimal results, both at the micro and macro level. Let these standard-bearers and entrepreneurs look in the direction of the progressive development of mankind.

But let us also keep in mind that we need to match the pace of human development with the pace of technological development.

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