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Instagram to begin testing NFTs this week

In a video posted on Monday, Meta (Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that Instagram will begin testing non-fungible token (NFT) integrations this week.

The news was first reported by CoinDesk on May 7, with the blockchains selected being Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow. Zuckerberg did not provide any information about which blockchains would be supported.

We’re starting to build for NFTs across our family of apps, not just in our metaverse and Reality Labs work, Zuckerberg said in the video. We plan to add similar functionality to Facebook shortly.

The company is also developing three-dimensional, augmented-reality NFTs with its Spark AR software, which will initially be compatible with Instagram stories.

MetaMask, Rainbow, and TrustWallet will be compatible third-party wallets, according to a Twitter thread posted by a Meta representative. Instagram will initially support Ethereum-based NFTs, with integrations for the Polygon, Solana, and Flow coming later, according to the post.

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