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India to anchor AI for military apps

Finally, India is taking certain steps to ensure efficient use of AI in fighting conflicts, which is quickly turning into a crucial operational need that may decide the war outcomes in the future.

Higher officials state that the defense organizations such as the Army, IAF, and DRDO labs are increasing their focus on Artificial intelligence for enabling quick decision making and compressing the sensor-to shooter loop, AI- propelled surveillance, and weapon systems.

The officials also stated that it is still too early. India should bang on go on “a national-mode action plan” for efficiently leveraging AI and Machine Learning (ML) in military uses, with solid participation from the IT and academia sectors.

China is way ahead in this league due to its long-established focus on information and intelligence welfare.

A senior official also stated that AI, ML, LAWS (Lethal autonomous weapon systems), cyberwarfare, and robotics have been the important areas for the People’s Liberation Army.

For its part, the Indian defense establishment has a DAIC (Defence Artificial Intelligence Council) with the defense minister as its lead for providing overall guidance and support.

Defense minister Rajnath Singh had earlier made a declaration that by 2024, twenty-five defense-specific Artificial intelligence products will be evolved.

DAIPA (Defense AI project Agency) has been generated under the defense production secretary with rupees hundred crores set aside yearly for AI-empowered projects.

The Navy has thirty AI projects underway surrounding autonomous systems, perimeter security, maritime domain awareness, predictive inventory maintenance, and also management.

The Navy is also responsible for creating an AI COE (Centre of excellence) at INS Valsura in Jamnagar, which already contains a modern lab on Artificial intelligence and Big data analysis.

The Army on its part has many schemes ongoing on modern and emerging AI technologies.

At the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering, an Artificial intelligence COE (Centre of Excellence) has been established. This is apart from partnerships with the civil sector.

The two committed DRDO labs in Bangalore – CAIR (Centre for Artificial intelligence and Robotics) and DYSL (DRDO Young Scientist Laboratory) are the places where Application-oriented research in Artificial intelligence is being managed.

Additionally, all DRDO labs have begun AI technology groups for introducing AI features in every product.

Countries such as US and China hastening towards Artificial intelligence-driven warfare, there is a worldwide acceptance that there is more to be done on this disruptive technology front for boosting the combat competence and survival of Indian forces.

Army chief General MM Naravane at a recent seminar stated that last year, the Israel-Hamas conflict highlighted the power of AI.

Additionally, he stated that awareness of improved situations, sensor fusions, quick decision-making, utilizing autonomous weapons, and integrating AI into all features of warfare will make the required changes in war combat doctrines, organizations and structures, training methods, and leadership.

This also prevails as a continuous challenge for militaries worldwide including India.

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