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Increased Cloud Adoption drives AI-ML Deployment Rise

The usage of AI/ML is increasing and will increase to 32% in 2022. Adoption of AI/ML is made possible by rising cloud adoption and expedited by COVID-19. The M&E sector’s primary application areas for AI/ML technologies continue to be Manage and Produce. The majority of AI/ML use cases in content management systems involve automating rote operations like speech-to-text, audio/video recognition, image identification, and metadata tagging.

With the increased use of technology and the decreasing cost of data training, returns on investment are becoming more predictable.

The internal deployment of AI/ML technology preferred by media businesses necessitates the hiring of individuals with specialized abilities, making talent shortages one of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of AI/ML.

According to Olga Nevinchana, Senior Research Analyst at IABM, “the transition to the cloud – accelerated by the pandemic – plus the boom in data availability, has driven adoption of AI/ML in Broadcast & Media as organizations increasingly look for solutions to provide them a competitive advantage.” In order to cover more and more operations in the Manage and Produce sectors of the BaM Content Chain, they are increasingly moving to AI/ML technology. Although the major cloud providers now include a variety of native AI/ML tools in their overall offerings, it’s noteworthy to note that most M&E organizations still favour internal deployment despite the continuous dearth of talent in this field.

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