Global Regulators push Banks to publish crypto asset exposure from 2026

The announcement was made on Wednesday, one year later than anticipated, by global banking regulators, who adopted guidelines requiring banks to reveal their exposure to cryptocurrency assets starting in January 2026.

In a statement, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision stated that the goals of these disclosures are to improve information availability and promote market discipline.

The group, which is composed of financial regulators from the major global countries and has committed to enforcing rules, talked about the impact of stablecoins—a cryptocurrency backed by an asset like the dollar—and tokenized deposits on capital and their prudential implications.

The fact that risks from these are “broadly captured” by the current Basel requirements, given the state of the market, suggests that further capital restrictions are not currently in the works.

According to the statement, the Committee will keep an eye on these events as well as other happenings in the cryptoasset markets.

Members of Basel also decided to deal more actively with the dangers that banks face from using third parties, like cloud computing, to handle critical operations.

The committee announced that it will hold consultations later this month to determine the principles that should replace the present, looser guidelines.

A public consultation on proposed regulations requiring banks to report their financial risks associated with climate change under “Pillar III” of their capital standards has officially concluded.

According to the statement, as part of its comprehensive strategy to manage financial risks associated to climate change, it committed to carry out more work on finalizing such a framework.

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