Four credentials irreplaceable by AI

AI has evolved vastly and since then word has been that the human workforce would be taken over by robots. AI has already taken over various roles like ATMs, customer support chatbots, and self-checkouts.

However, there is nothing for people to get scared of, since the fact is that AI is continuously changing people’s life and implementing activities for replacing the human workforce, while simultaneously, on the other hand, advancements in technology are creating new career prospects.

Demand for professionals specifically in the robotics and software engineering domain is expected to increase due to AI.

Hence AI can eliminate millions of existing occupations while simultaneously paving the way for the creation of new ones.

There are many concerns surrounding AI, the primary one being the chances of AI eliminating the necessity for manual labor, and as a result wiping out a huge portion of the human workforce.

However, it is noteworthy that this will help humans to avoid doing tedious, repetitive tasks and allows them to concentrate more on complex and rewarding projects, and simply enjoy their much-needed vacation.

As per the report from McKinsey, based on the adoption situation, by 2030, around 400 to 800 million jobs would have been displaced by automation, and 375 million people may be required to change job categories completely.

These data may cause anxiousness and uneasiness regarding the future. Nevertheless, this may not be the case; There is no doubt that few industries will be transformed to the point where human labor may no longer be required, resulting in job redefinition and business process reform.

For instance, several health issues may be diagnosed through automation, so that doctors can concentrate on other pressing issues that require their attention. In terms of completely replacing humans, human labor is and will remain necessary for the foreseeable future.

Though AI has vast potential, it still has its restrictions. While AI will continue dominating the professional world on several levels, it is undeniable that AI will never be able to reproduce human consciousness which reinforces humans’ position at the top of the food chain.

We have seen the jobs that can be eliminated through technological advancements, however, there are certain aspects of work done by humans which cannot be replaced.

Those jobs which are beyond the scope of AI are the ones where concepts such as creativity, conceptualization, complex strategic planning, and dealing with emotional interactions or feelings are required.

It’s time to have a look at the irreplaceable human jobs.

  1. Compassion

There may be arguments that animals exhibit compassion, however, they are not the ones who will be taking over the jobs. While programming software is designed to produce particular results, humans on the other hand can feel emotions.

The personal rapport between a person and an organization is very much required for a professional relationship though it may appear contradictory.

Humans require a connection that is more than just professional and gives them a personal connection that will help them in trusting people, a feature which is completely lacking by the bots.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Though AI is accurate, it completely lacks the human trait of intuition or cultural sensitivity. Regardless of the accurate programming of AI in carrying out the tasks, it does not contain the human ability to accustom to the algorithm of human intellect.

This can be understood with the example where AI is required to read into the situation or the face of another human, which it cannot.

Only humans can understand and handle a situation where emotional intelligence is required which is completely lacking by AI. Customer care service is one of the best examples of this scenario, where human interaction is always preferred to read and understand the situation rather than an automated machine that cannot operate or assist beyond the programming.

  1. Innovation

AI can never understand human psychology. It can just enhance productivity and efficiency by minimizing errors, and repetition and restoring manual jobs with automated solutions. Moreover, as AI’s role increases, humans will have the opportunity to take on more inventive tasks.

  1. Out of the box thinking

Humans are capable of dealing with unforeseen ambiguity by scrutinizing situations such as thinking critically in complex situations and adopting creative strategies.

While humans are capable of working under various obstacles and situations, AI-enabled devices cannot do the same and are limited to operating within their function. However, this might be possible in the far future, but not in the foreseeable one.

Without a doubt, AI will drive the future. Humans must be creative, insightful, and contextually aware in order for AI to work. The reason for this is simple: humans will continue to provide value that machines cannot.

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