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Cryptocurrency Prices Today

Cryptocurrencies traded in the red early this morning, with global crypto market capitalization down 0.46 percent from the previous day to $ 1.96 trillion. The total crypto market for the last 24 hours was $102.90 billion, an increase of 44.45 percent.

The total amount of DeFi is $16.54 billion, which is 16.08% of the total 24-hour volume of the crypto market. The amount of all stablecoins is US $80.92 billion, which is 78.64% of the total amount.

The price of Bitcoin is currently 33.83 lakh. The Crypto accounts for 40.77% of the total 24-hour volume of the cryptocurrency market, which is equivalent to a 0.45% increase throughout the day.

Crypto based crime peaked in 2021 and illegal address transactions received $14 billion annually from $7.8 billion in 2020, according to blockchain data company Chainalysis.

However, the company said the rate of fraudulent transactions fell to a record low of 0.15% in 2021 in relation to cryptocurrency trading volumes.

For all cryptos tracked by Chainalysis, total trading volume increased to US $15.8 trillion in 2021, a six-fold increase compared to 2020.

The annual trend suggests that crime is becoming a smaller part of the crypto business ecosystem-except for 2019, which is an outlier year, primarily due to the PlusTokenPonzi scheme. They also show that law enforcement capabilities to combat crypto-based crime is evolving.

As of 8.40 am on January 11, these are the prices of largest cryptocurrencies (data from WazirX):

Bitcoin 33,83,194 -0.26%
Ethereum 2,49,724 -2%
Tether 80.39 -0.45%
Cardano 92.3000 -2.11%
Binance Coin 34,497.70 -2.86%
XRP 59.781 -1.7%
Polkadot 1,931.66 -4.15%
Dogecoin 11.6698 -4.65%
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