Biden’s Campaign To Embrace AI ?

One cannot emphasize how important the 2024 presidential election will be. It is hardly hyperbole to claim that the future of American democracy is in jeopardy, given Donald Trump’s pledge to operate as a dictator “on day one.” Given these circumstances, the Biden campaign must successfully communicate President Joe Biden to a populace and media landscape that is becoming more preoccupied with appearances than with substance. After the president’s dismal showing last week, the Biden team ought to think about using artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively reach out to voters.

There are understandable concerns about breaking the taboo around using modern technology for presidential campaigns, but there could be serious repercussions if this strategy is not used. Furthermore, ignoring the use of contemporary instruments like AI is like going into a boxing ring with one hand tied behind your back given the current state of underregulation in elections.

Joe Biden has stuttered his entire life and is quite old. “I might not walk as easily or talk as smoothly as I used to,” he admitted at a heated rally after his debate performance. His capacity to successfully communicate with large audiences has been hampered by this. The Biden campaign could efficiently spread accurate information on the status of our democracy and the achievements of the Biden administration by using AI augmentations and video renderings to mitigate these hiccups. AI would be a cheap and effective way for the president to reach out to voters directly and personally, given he has limited time to campaign due to his concentration on leading the nation.

He is currently down in the polls to a man who incited an insurrection and was recently found guilty on 34 felony counts, despite having an ambitious and highly acclaimed first term in office. To the dismay of Beltway West Wing fans, the Democrats’ 2024 nominee won’t be the change that has to happen. A definite answer is provided by modern technology. Voters can concentrate on the president’s content by using AI to enhance his image. How many times have we heard people lamenting that “Biden would be the perfect candidate if he were just 10 years younger,” both among voters and commentators? This precise deliverable is achievable with today’s technology.

Although some may legitimately argue that using AI is dishonest and deceitful, the state of the information ecosystem today is arguably no better. It might even get worse. Disregarding the term “cheapfakes,” media sources such as the New York Post have been disseminating viral footage of the president that have been deliberately edited in order to make him look weak or bewildered. CNN chose to let Trump lie for the whole ninety-minute discussion with no fact-checking, which is no justification for Biden’s poor debate performance. They provided fact-checking for more than an hour following the discussion, which, to be honest, only a small portion of the audience watched. Via Twitter, right-wing billionaire Elon Musk has been spreading misinformation about the election and helping Republicans, while Instagram and TikTok have clamped down on political content. Even prestigious establishments such as The Washington Post have evolved into tabloids.

It is important to consider whether enhanced AI movies that showcase Biden in the best possible light and provide truthful and factual information are indeed more detrimental to society than the current state of our information environment. It is doubtful.

AI-generated material may be customized to emphasize President Biden’s achievements, express his policies in a clear and concise manner, and convey a coherent, engaging message. AI presents a chance for more efficient communication in a time when people are primarily influenced by visual media and short, easily absorbed content. The people may not decide on the future of our democracy based on a cough that occurs at an inconvenient time, a stray stammer, or a healthy but limping gait (Biden has a “stiff gait”). Due to these AI-enhanced movies.

Apart from the aesthetic improvements, artificial intelligence also has a big advantage in producing high-quality content quickly. This would enable the campaign to react quickly to false information, current events, and the quick news cycle. A truth is still putting on its shoes, but a falsehood can travel halfway across the world, as the great Mark Twain once observed. At the very least, the truth might emerge a little quicker with AI. The ability to generate polished, well-spoken comments in real-time could be revolutionary in a world where misinformation and disinformation propagate virally, frequently via short-form video content. Our best opportunity to save our democracy may actually lie in “flooding the zone” with the truth, considering the stakes in this election.

The Republican Party has already embraced this technology and is utilizing AI in their attack advertisements against the president. The usage of AI representations in political campaigns is getting more and more prevalent. The Biden campaign should think about using the same tools in an ethical manner rather than in a race to the bottom. Without a question, AI will be used as a weapon to produce MAGA propaganda if Trump were to win the presidency again. The Obama White House blew the chance to show how to utilize Twitter and other social media platforms appropriately, and failing to consider to properly engage with emerging technology won’t stop bad actors from abusing and misusing them later on.

Alternatively, Biden’s campaign might establish the benchmark and guidelines for acceptable usage of AI tools in political campaigns. For instance, content produced by AI can have disclaimers. This openness may contribute to upholding confidence while reaping the rewards of AI. In contrast to criticism of Biden over his age, the campaign would demonstrate its agility and ability to stay up with the times by properly adjusting to modern technology.

Up until now, the idea that deploying AI representations of the president would go against some moral standard when it comes to campaigning has practically been accepted as true. That might be the case in an ideal world. However, the discussion from last week demonstrated how disconnected our current reality is from any such ideal. For those who value American democracy above everything, removing the guy who attempted to topple it from the White House should be the top moral and ethical priority.

If Republicans win back control in November, equivocating about the application of AI won’t stop its exploitation and abuse. The Biden campaign must make every effort to ensure that the president’s reelection attempt is successful. AI enables Democrats to embrace an inevitable aspect of contemporary politics while addressing the primary weaknesses of our existing standard bearer, rather than seeking a new candidate.

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