AI Transforming Digital Marketing

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Al has vast potential of collecting, analysing, and applying data to cater to user’s preferences.

From Siri to Tesla Car and from Google Al to Alexa, artificial intelligence is now influencing every aspect of our lives. It was designed and programmed to imitate and think a human being, with data as the new oil in the world of marketing, information is needed to derive meaningful insights to improve the marketing mix. With the great potential to collect, analyze, apply and learn data, Artificial Intelligence is changing the digital strategies of various industries. With its further development, it also influences and dominates the world of digital marketing.

We all know that digital marketing uses online platforms to promote branded products and services. A study by Salesforce found that almost 51 percent of marketers were using Al in 2018. But in the wake of the pandemic, both customers and businesses went digital, resulting in an unprecedented surge in the way people experience the digital ecosystem where our lives have literally shifted to the internet. Here are some thoughts on how Al is playing a pivotal role in digital marketing:

Customer Insights Integration

The integration of the customer’s perspective generally refers to the analysis of the customer’s behavior. In this perspective, contact the metrics that show how well a particular content is executed. For the example: on LinkedIn, if you load a picture / video, it immediately scans the picture. For the content of the nudity / sensitive and rejecting or deleting from the timeline. If more comments on a specific pole has in terms of its state, the algorithm enhances the second and third network of users. On another popular digital platform, Spotify, recommends the application playlists based on user options. The similar algorithm is implemented by Amazon if you see the recommended products according to your previous purchase. The most popular digital platforms, through Al, can paint a virtual personality of the user according to the past behavior and online actions.

Real-Time Tracking

The artificial intelligence also allows the follow-up in real time and allows the markets to know how a particular position is performed immediately. For marketers, this means a faster A / B content test, better analysis and rapid use of better strategies to produce more content than it works.

Enhances Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning theory to study its user, it observes the pattern of the user’s decisions by monitoring what they like or dislike. After observing the patterns, it will display the content to users according to their likes and preferences. Virtually personalized marketing and the user is more concerned with the content according to his preferences, which stimulates dopamine. And it’s not rocket science to notice that a satisfied user is more likely to buy a product or service.


Chatbots are designed in such a way that they can stimulate human conversation with the help of predefined texts and sentences. With Al’s introduction to digital marketing, he has improved the customer experience by providing 24×7 customer support services. Companies and customers who have used chatbots reported that 64 percent of Americans recognize 24×7 chatbot availability as their best 24×7 feature on any given day. An erstwhile long content that had a dedicated FAQ page has now turned into an interactive session where the bot addresses your most common concerns and forwards you to someone if necessary.

Email Marketing

Al can also help email marketers reach the right customers at the right time and ensure messages are relevant, engaging, and more likely to convert. It can also allow you to better analyze what types of messages, subjects, layouts, and images are getting the best results Artificial Intelligence is the hero who gives meaning to the data, analyzes the data and creates a virtual persona of the intended audiences and predicts better strategies to target them. And this is probably just the beginning of how Al will change the face of marketing as we know it.

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