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AI: As a source of humankind’s success

The miracles induced by artificial intelligence are the greatest achievements of mankind and its development will continue to grow. People have always chased technology and advances. From the moon landing to the flying to space and the the discovery of the DNA of extinct species, all of these innovations and experiments depend in one way or another, directly or indirectly, on artificial intelligence.

With an enormous scope in research and experimentation, scientists and researchers are inventing new strategies and methods each second, each minute, each day to discover and unleash more and more secrets in the vast spectrum of science, technology, IT, cloud, data, ML, NLP, robotics, AR, VR etc.

These tremendous advances are leveraging innovation across sectors – from healthcare to food technology, aviation, tourism to small industries and startups – AI has spread its wings across all dimensions and denominations.

That’s not all, the future that we see, that we brag about and that we dream of will be built from the ground up with AI, where its realm of magic will harness the power to turn dreams into reality. From building another universe on another planet to autonomous vehicles and bionic organs, AI would become so powerful that a computer’s capabilities and thinking abilities would be a hundred times more common than those of humans.

Well, the question of sustainability, unemployment and the human brain drain is another debate when we talk about it. Perhaps we can cover the negative effects of AI dominance later. But it is clear that AI has high hopes for the future and the technology will continue to grow and fuel growth in various sectors.

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