Tim Burton warns against AI

Artificial intelligence is not something that Tim Burton is particularly fond of.

An article published in July that described how AI was used to “Tim Burton-ize” Disney characters, giving them the appearance that they were made in Burton’s unique animation style. Although the narrative generated website traffic, the “Corpse Bride” director did not like it.

According to Burton, AI created his interpretations of Disney characters. He is unable to express the feeling that it causes. He was reminded of the saying in other cultures that goes, “Don’t take my picture because it will steal your soul.”

The technology, he continued, destroys the soul of the craft and the humanity that go into work like his.

Burton pointed out that what it does is suck something from you. That is incredibly upsetting, especially if it has to do with you. It removes something from your soul or mind. It’s as though a machine is stealing your humanity, your soul.

Burton is hardly the only director to express concern about artificial intelligence-generated content that imitates a creator’s style.

A piece was published in which artificial intelligence was employed to produce Wes Anderson-styled Disney characters. Furthermore, there has been a trend in which people create AI-generated movie trailers for major films such as “Star Wars” that are styled in Anderson’s distinct approach.

Anderson explained that he is really excellent at keeping him from seeing all of it. If someone gives him something like that, he will quickly delete it and say, “Please, sorry, do not send me things of people doing me.” Because I don’t want to look at it and think, “Is that what I do?” Is that what you mean?’ I don’t want to see too much of someone else thinking about what I try to be because, who knows, I might start doing it.”

Guillermo del Toro addressed AI-generated material at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday.

Del Toro added, When people ask about his worry about artificial intelligence, He responds that he worries more about human stupidity. You realize it’s simply a tool?. Let everybody who wants films created by AI have it right away.

In the 2019 documentary 10 Years With Hayao Miyazaki by Kaku Arakawa, the animator and director of Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki, discussed what artificial intelligence (AI) might mean for the soul of art.

This material’s creators have no concept of what pain is at all. When presented with AI-driven visuals, Miyazaki exclaimed, he is utterly disgusted. Go ahead and create creepy things if you really want to. he has no desire to use this technology in his business at all. He firmly believes that this is a disgrace to life itself.

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