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Meta will add Generative AI to all its Products

When and how generative AI would be included into Meta’s products were topics of discussion during the CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Q1 earnings call.

On the call, he stated that the primary goal of their AI effort is to develop foundation models that would support a variety of novel use cases, such as generative AI.

Every single one of their apps and services will be impacted by the work that is now being done. And he can’t wait to start shipping more of the products they are developing in the upcoming months.

According to him, the business is investigating graphic creative tools for Facebook and Instagram posts and ads, as well as future video and multimodal interactions. In an interview with Nikkei, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth hinted about tools for creating ads using generative AI.

The success of ChatGPT has elevated generative AI to the status of a hot tech trend, inspiring businesses of all sizes to investigate incorporating it into their platforms. The AI language model LLaMA was first presented to researchers by Meta earlier this year, but the company has not yet made ChatGPT-like software available to the general public. However, Instagram Reels now feature recommendations driven by AI.

According to a Reuters article, due to Meta’s late adoption of AI-friendly gear, the company is struggling to keep up. With capital expenditures rising by nearly $4 billion every three months, the corporation has been working on a significant project to upgrade its AI infrastructure.

With the use of AI, Meta has already seen certain commercial improvements. Reels suggestions provided by AI, according to Zuckerberg, have increased Instagram time by more than 24%. As a result, Reels’ quarter-over-quarter monetization efficiency increased by more than 30% on Instagram and more than 40% on Facebook.

Don’t classify this as a metaverse pivot, though: According to Zuckerberg, generative AI will enable the company’s multi-billion dollar investment in mixed reality experiences while also facilitating user creation of avatars, items, environments, and code.

However, Zuckerberg is putting WhatsApp’s B2B customer support business first by setting his generative AI approach to do so.

He said that he believes there will be an extremely intriguing convergence between some of the AI agents used in messaging and commercial messaging.

You’ll have a lot more firms that can afford to have someone chatting with clients once you open up the possibility for tens of millions of tiny enterprises to have AI agents work on their behalf.

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