Google is investing in “AI for Good”

Nonprofits are making an effort to stay ahead of the curve as consumers, tech giants, and businesses negotiate the explosion of AI-integrated solutions. Google, one of Big Tech’s leaders in AI, is providing support.

With its March 28 launch, the new Accelerator: Generative AI aims to provide more “high-impact” nonprofit organizations with generative AI support through funding, coaching, and technical training. Think of it as a six-month Google crash course. All of the non-profits are either testing or preparing to use AI-powered technologies in their operations.

Among the initiatives included are chatbots that use non-English Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, AI-powered search interfaces, and assistants and coaches that are developed using Large Language Models (LLMs).

Preliminary initiatives like HomeTeam, an AI-powered veterans mental health training program developed by Reflex AI, have already received funding from

Google released its AI Opportunity Agenda in November, which is a list of suggested policies and action items to help with the integration of AI globally. A “global AI Corps” to train workers prepared for AI is suggested by the agenda, which also highlights AI’s potential for “solving big social challenges” and offers further grant and training opportunities for companies and groups. With the European AI Opportunity Initiative (and fund), Google pursued its goals in the aftermath, offering “a range of foundational and advanced AI training to support vulnerable communities, startups, and everyone.”

By investing recently in consumer health technology, AI-powered healthcare applications, and the medical industry overall, Google is examining AI (and its profitability) across industries.

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