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Gmail is using AI to make searching for emails faster and easier

Google’s Gmail searches will become more precise as the company launches a new AI-related service for smartphone users.

Alphabet said in a blog post on Friday that when searching for past conversations or attachments in its Gmail app, mobile Gmail users would soon see a “top results” section.

Google’s machine learning algorithms will help with the top results area, which will use the search keyword, some recent emails, and other “relevant factors” to find what a user is looking for.

Google stated in a blog post that the function was “highly requested” and that it will be available to all Gmail mobile users within the next two weeks.

The post just discusses Gmail for mobile, so it’s unclear whether the “top results” functionality will be extended to the browser-based version.

The new feature is the most recent manifestation of Google’s recent commitment to incorporating AI into its products.

At its I/O developer conference in May, the search giant introduced several new AI capabilities and services, so much so that some employees joked internally about how frequently executives invoked “AI” during the event.

The November release of OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT spurred a frenzy of developments and cash injections towards generative AI.

According to reports earlier this year, Google was racing to catch up with ChatGPT, finally producing its own AI chatbot named Bard, which will purportedly be integrated into search in the future.

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