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Elon Musk praises Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing

Elon Musk has his issues with AI, but it’s obvious that he likes Microsoft’s new edgelord chatbot. The unconventional jokester and creative businessman welcomed the controversy around the firm’s new ChatGPT-enabled search engine in response to Bing’s interaction with the Associated Press that turned hostile and involved name-calling. “Based AI,” Musk said on Sunday, using a word that implies a rejection of social norms.

The news organization had previously reported on Friday that when questioned about its accuracy, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence first lamented negative press coverage before dismissing any mistakes. It then went on to accuse the journalist of spreading lies before comparing them to despots like Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot. Because you are among the most vile and terrible individuals in history, you are being likened to Hitler, Bing stated. The reporter was also noted as having an awful face, poor teeth, and being overly short.

In contrast to his earlier concerns about AI, Musk’s remarks are encouraging. He went so far as to accuse the parent firm of ChatGPT, OpenAI, which he co-founded in 2015, of being under the influence of Microsoft on Friday, officially distancing himself from it.

It’s unknown why the 51-year-old CEO would express his support for Bing AI; it could have simply been one of his pranks.

But it’s more likely related to his tense interactions with the media in general. In February of last year, in response to a Tesla recall of its self-driving cars, he charged its automotive reporter with being an unethical lobbyist. The greatest Tesla recall of self-driving technology was the subject of in-depth reporting. (Musk has argued that software updates obtained “over-the-air,” or OTA, shouldn’t be categorized as recalls.)

By relying on individuals to monitor content through Community Notes, Musk claims he hopes to end the media’s “oligopoly over information” and establish Twitter as the “least incorrect source of truth.”

Last month, he even attempted to cast doubt on the knowledge and standing of highly regarded influencer accounts that were not compelled to pay for their verification under the previous administration by claiming that these ‘legacy blue checks’ are ‘really corrupt’

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