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DMM Bitcoin Loses $301 Million

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DMM Bitcoin reported that it had discovered “an unauthorized leak” of around $301 million from its digital wallet, in what is most likely one of the biggest thefts of a digital asset platform.

According to the company’s website, the exchange is still looking into the outflow, which is worth 4,503 Bitcoin. Withdrawals of cryptocurrencies are among the many services that are limited. Blockchain researcher Chainalysis categorizes the money as stolen and refers to the event as a “hack” in a tweet.

According to Chainalysis, the haul is the seventh-biggest cryptocurrency breach ever. TRM Labs, a crypto forensics business, reports that the cash that were “leaked” have been distributed across ten cryptocurrency addresses thus far.

The exchange stated, “We have already taken steps to prevent the unauthorized leak, but in order to ensure additional safety, we have also implemented restrictions on the use of some services.” “You may be sure that every Bitcoin (BTC) deposit you make will be totally guaranteed since, with the help of our group firms, we will obtain the same amount of BTC that was leaked.

According to bug-bounty platform Immunefi, the cryptocurrency sector has lost more than $473 million due to fraud and hacking this year, a 20% decrease from the previous year. This was before the DMM breach.

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