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Conversation with Joe Rogan and an AI-generated Steve Jobs

11 years ago, Steve Jobs passed away. While some of his most famous interviews are occasionally highlighted, this time, someone tried a different tact by producing a weird podcast conversation with an AI-generated Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs to discuss life, LSD, Buddhism, and other topics. The 20-minute chat is a component of a novel AI strategy for fabricating interviews that weren’t possible.

The AI was trained on Steve Jobs’ biography for the Steve Jobs episode, and all of the audio of him on the internet could be found online.

Even though the firm claims to have “accurately brought Steve Jobs back to life,” it’s possible to notice that the voice is a little robotic, the tone doesn’t always match the context, and the laughter is plain awful.

Anyone can contribute potential new interviews for this project, which is one of its interesting features. Elon Musk’s conversation with Elon Musk is one of the ideas. Buddha and Einstein’s conversation is currently performing better, which may indicate that they may be the subject of a future episode.

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