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China calls for greater state control of AI

As part of efforts to combat “dangerous storms” facing the nation, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and top officials have urged for increased governmental monitoring of artificial intelligence, according to state media.

At a National Security Commission meeting, the president and other top Communist party officials decided to strengthen network data and artificial intelligence security governance.

According to a report of the conference from the official news agency Xinhua, we must be ready for worst-case and extreme scenarios and be able to survive the major test of high winds, choppy waters, and even severe storms.

According to Xi, China now faces national security issues that are significantly more complicated and serious.

In recent months, China has intensified a massive push to combat alleged dangers to national security, limiting access to data, raiding foreign consulting firms, and strengthening anti-espionage laws.

A new law requiring all AI products to go through a security review before being launched was unveiled last month as another move in the effort to increase state control over artificial intelligence.

The draught law specifies that AI products must adhere to fundamental communist principles and cannot “contain content on subversion of state power.”

Beijing has stated that deepfakes, or artificial intelligence-generated images and sound that can be startlingly lifelike, can pose a threat to social stability and national security.

The country has made grand intentions to lead the world in AI by 2030. By then, the sector, according to consulting firm McKinsey, could boost China’s GDP by nearly $600 billion annually.

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