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Amazon withdraws books amid concern they were written by AI

Due to concerns that the books featured inaccurate material regarding King’s cancer diagnosis, Amazon has halted selling a number of books purportedly produced by artificial intelligence.

Titles that speculate about his diagnosis and course of treatment are deemed “intrusive, insensitive, and filled with inaccuracies” by Buckingham Palace, which has stated that its legal team will be “looking at the issue closely.”

The books included conjecture over Charles’s disease type, encompassing both skin and prostate cancer, the Daily Mail said on Sunday. Details of the King’s reaction upon learning of his illness, such as that he felt “fear, anger, and despair,” were also purportedly included. Titles that “violated our content guidelines” have been removed, according to Amazon. This follows the announcement from Buckingham Palace that the King, who assumed the throne 17 months ago, suffers from a “form of cancer”.

While receiving treatment for a benign enlarged prostate, an investigation revealed a “separate issue of concern,” which led to his diagnosis. Although the Palace has stated that Charles’s ailment is not prostate cancer, it has not disclosed which type of cancer Charles has been diagnosed with. Charles has put off any public engagements, but he is still working behind the scenes on his red boxes of state documents.

The 75-year-old left Clarence House on Tuesday, the day he began his treatment, after a quick meeting with the Duke of Sussex. On Sunday morning, he went to church in Sandringham, Norfolk.

All of the books were self-published on the Amazon website and touted as being written by unknown authors.

A biography named “The King’s Battle: Charles III and His Fight Against Cancer” was discovered by the Mail on Sunday. It was released on Amazon on February 5, the day the King’s cancer diagnosis was made public.

A representative for Buckingham Palace stated: Any such titles speculating about His Majesty’s diagnosis and treatment are invasive, insensitive, and rife with errors.

The matter will be thoroughly examined by the legal staff. They demand that anyone or any organization that is enabling their sale remove them right away.

A representative for Amazon stated: Amazon is committed to giving authors and customers the best possible shopping, reading, and publishing experience, and is continuously evaluating emerging technologies.

They quickly look into every book when a problem is brought up, and they have content guidelines controlling what books can be placed for sale.

They put in a lot of effort and money to make sure their rules are followed and to take down any books that don’t.

Although they permit AI-generated content, they do not permit AI-generated content that deviates from their content standards or offers a negative user experience.

The titles that they discovered to be against their content guidelines have been withdrawn.

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