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5 Reasons To Consider a Career in Machine Learning

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Machine Learning is a vast term that comprises many things altogether. But in simpler terms, we can say that machine learning is the ability of a machine (computer) to learn on its own without being explicitly programmed. This means computers can now learn based on their own experiences and hence perform functionality. You can see how machine learning works in image recognition and speech recognition. Have you ever received movie suggestions on Netflix or recommendations on Amazon based on your shopping patterns? That is also an example of machine learning.

Amazing, isn’t it? Just like its definition, having a career in machine learning could be equally amazing for people these days. Want to know how? Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a career in machine learning.

#1 Solving Real Challenges

If you are someone who loves solving real-life challenges, finding easy ways to do day-to-day things, then machine learning could be an interesting career for you. As a Machine Learning engineer, you will be required to find out solutions for real-life problems with the help of technology. For instance, how one can increase profits in their business or deliver better products and services.

#2 Better Salary

One of the major reasons for choosing a particular career is one’s interest and passion. But many people also consider the monetary aspects of the career. If you are choosing a career in Machine Learning, then you will receive better salaries! This is because Machine Learning jobs are in-demand all across the globe and in almost every industry. According to PayScale, a machine learning engineer receives $112,691/year in the United States while in Australia, a machine learning engineer receives AU$82,432/year.

#3 Popularity and Demand

The machine learning career is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its innovation. Not only this, machine learning engineers are in demand in almost every industry today. This is because machine learning holds the potential to solve the problems industries are facing these days and create products catering to industrial needs. Whether it be e-commerce, online learning, data science, finance or cybersecurity, machine learning engineers can find an opportunity everywhere. So why not start your career in machine learning when the time is right?

#4 More Opportunities

Based on the above two points, it is likely that with the rising demand for machine learning technology, the job opportunities for machine learning will rise. It has been reported that machine learning opportunities have grown by 75% over the past four years. It is predicted that this demand would continue to grow over the coming years which means you would have plenty of job opportunities in the machine learning field in the coming days. Another study states that by 2024, there would be machine learning jobs worth $31 billion! This means jobs are going to find you once you have the right knowledge and experience in this field.

#5 Extensive Learning

Since machine learning is a technology that is being developed, more research and innovations are being done in this field. So, one can expect an exponential learning graph in this field where you will be working on your logics and learning new things every day. There are many solutions yet to be found, algorithms to be created and systems to be invented. Having a career in machine learning allows you to be part of this huge revolution in the tech world.

Lisa, a data science expert who works for an academic assignment writing service in Perth told us, “Machine learning is closely related to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This means that having a career in machine learning will enable you to be a part of these two technical fields as well. Data scientists are in high demand these days in various industries. You may become competent in any of these fields, switch careers or even rise in machine learning.”

What do Machine Learning Engineers do?

As a machine learning engineer, you have to work on developing AI and data-driven software and other machine learning systems. You will be designing machine learning algorithms and processes, conducting statistical analysis and working on enhancing the capabilities of existing machine learning software systems. Typical roles and responsibilities of a machine learning engineer include the following:

  • Researching, designing and building machine learning systems
  • Applying machine learning tools to design data science prototypes
  • Transforming unstructured data into useful information
  • Testing the machine learning models, prototypes and algorithms
  • Understanding the business objectives
  • Confirming with the client requirements
  • Selecting and implementing the right machine learning algorithm

To become a machine learning engineer you require a degree in computer science, data science or related fields. You must know programming languages like Python, R, Java, JavaScript, Julia or Lisp. You should know the machine learning framework, libraries and data structures. This field would test your analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, communication and collaboration skills. So make sure you keep on refining them from time to time.

Machine learning has become an indispensable part of the tech industry. It is leveraging, easy to begin with, and has higher prospects when it comes to career growth and financial stability. So are you ready to begin your career in machine learning?

Author’s Bio- Lucy Miranda is a freelance writer & editor at Essay Help. She is devoted to her family, work and friends. She is a News Enthusiast and a Bookworm. She loves Swimming and dancing too.

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