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Blockchain and the disaster relief system

Our latest guest is Chelsey Delaney, Global Design Lead for Blockchain Services at IBM, who brings a unique and personal view to the blockchain discussion. Namely, a design-centric view — it’s in her job title after all!

Coming away from this interview, our host Matt Hooper felt inspired anew about the practical implementations of blockchain technology and particularly about the key distinctions Chelsey has made in her own work. As systems are improved all built all together, what seems to be particularly important is the importance of collaboration in the ecosystem.

This was one of Matt’s absolute favorite episodes to record — and when you tune in, you’ll know exactly why. The unique perspective that Chelsey brings as a Global Design Lead is both inspiring and motivational.

Often, we focus the discussion around what blockchain is or what it does. In this episode, Chelsey directs the conversation around how blockchain can serve the needs of people and the systems that support them, which is a more human-focused way of discussing technology.

You can also learn more about Chelsey’s story and how blockchain is helping with humanitarian efforts by watching the film Bonds of Trust.

Key takeaways

[:00] An excerpt from today’s episode.
[:24] About today’s episode with Chelsey Delaney.
[2:05] Matt welcomes listeners and his guest to the podcast!
[2:28] What does Chelsey Delaney get to do all day long in her career?
[5:00] Chelsey shares her first introduction to blockchain.
[6:05] What excited Chelsey most about blockchain technology when she first learned about it?
[6:44] How did Chelsey think about the internet prior to learning about blockchain? How has it changed since?
[9:25] How does Chelsey think emerging technology like blockchain can help when it comes to disaster relief?
[12:18] As a designer, is knowing how to design for a world where anything is possible (where there will be an array of solutions we can shop for) one of the motivations in Chelsey’s own work?
[13:50] About Blockchain for Dummies!
[14:32] Chelsey elaborates on her quote: “People need to talk less about what blockchain is and more about what it can do for people.”
[17:46] Does Chelsey think, because of who the early blockchain fans were, that it changed the kind of conversations we’re only having now, 10-12 years later?
[19:26] What does Chelsey look forward to the most related to her work and blockchain technology in general?
[22:25] Chelsey shares where she would like to spend her time in the blockchain space specifically over the next five years.
[24:52] Matt thanks Chelsey for joining the podcast!
[25:11] Matt closes out the podcast.

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