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Top Trends In Big Data Analytics

Did you know that you could generate a large amount of data, as large as generated in a decade, just by browsing the Internet for two days? This might be surprising. However, it is true. Earlier, data storage and gathering information were not so fast, and even the data captured was unstructured and disorganised. And with the speed at which businesses are dependent on data, organising and storing the data has become mandatory. Have you wondered what happens to this data? The answer to this concern is the use of big data analytics.

“Big data analytics is basically the process of examining. gathering information, identifying patterns, correlating the information, analysing customer preferences and market trends and ultimately organise this data to be used by businesses to make better and informed decisions, explains Prakash Mishra, Founder and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy.

Be it big or small business, and big data analytics is important for all types of organisations. Businesses can wisely use big data analytics software to make data-driven decisions. These decisions can help the organisations to achieve targeted results like spot new revenue opportunities, apply effective marketing strategy, enhanced operational efficiency and personalised customer response.

Now you understand why big data analytics is increasingly becoming important for businesses. Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing strategist Prakash Mishra shares the top trends in big data analytics.

1. Predictive Analysis:

One of the major needs for businesses today is the right use of predictive analytics. They can use these tools to identify the root cause of the problem and make informed decisions to solve it. Businesses can take advantage of this technology by using the existing and previous data to understand customer behaviour. Predictive analysis can predict what can happen in the future and accordingly take decisions to improve their products and services.

2. Identifying Dark Data:

Businesses generally ignore dark data do not use it in their analytical system. Organisations believe that big data is incorrect and gives no results. Dark data is collected via networks that are no longer used to make business-oriented predictions. With the daily increase in data accumulating, businesses need to be aware of untapped data and the serious threat it can pose. This can be the next big trend in big data analytics.

3. Hybrid Cloud:

The interface of the hybrid cloud can be the upcoming big data trend as it is the coalition between the public and private cloud to transfer data. Businesses should start building their private cloud to be ready to adapt data from the public cloud.

4. Quantum Computing:

With the use of quantum computing technology, organisations can process huge amounts of data faster in comparison to using conventional technologies. Quantum computers have the capability of predicting the state of an organisation, even before measuring it, insinuating that they can analyse more data. Using quantum computing will be the top trend of big data analytics in the coming future.

5. Use Of Artificial Intelligence:

Although the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the working as well as the results of an organisation is not new. However, this technology will be trending soon, as it will help businesses be calculated and predictable decisions to create efficient marketing strategies and work processes.

Big Data analytics suggests the ways of structuring the deconstructed data, analyse it, understand the trends and pattern and use it to make better business decisions. If your business needs solutions to optimise efficiencies, understand consumer behaviour and connect with them, raise profits and save financial resources, big data analytics is the answer for you. In short, the more automated and precise your marketing process, the higher and more beneficial results you yield,” says Prakash Mishra.

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