The next step to Conversational search for every Website

The next step to Conversational search for every Website

For enterprises, it has become crucial to respond to queries and solve the problems of the customers to ensure customer loyalty along with the brand establishment. And for decades, man has taken the help of machines to remove the constraints of human limitations and this time it is an innovation which has brought AI chatbots. But the question is why to invest in a chatbot when there are already a friendly app or a mobile-friendly website?

In every day-to-day run, enterprises are competing with each other for bringing their brands into the limelight. But the question is how many of them are getting it? Heading towards their goal of getting attention, enterprises from small to big are increasingly turning towards conversational chatbots.

Companies leverage conversational bots to reach their target audience because building rapport with customers is crucial and help generate brand loyalty which then gets converted into revenue for the enterprise. To build the rapport conversational chatbots are an exciting way and who doesn’t want a memorable conversation.

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Why Conversational Chatbots come into Play?

Conversational chatbots are fun as they allow customers to actively participate with your brand or services, making the entire experience much more personal. This leads to customers staying loyal to and interested in your company. Gartner says 25 percent of customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants by 2020.

Conversational bots are also valuable marketing tools that help customers find relevant products or services at the time of their need. Customers demand quick, personalized services, and conversational chatbots make this task easier.

There are a number of chatbot platforms available that let you create bots and harness the power of conversational AI into your big or small business without needing to know to code. Kore .ai is one of them.

6 Benefits of Conversational Bots for Enterprises with Examples

Conversational chatbots turn the monotonous process of enterprises into more engaging. Following are the 6 benefits enterprises can accomplish on integrating conversational bots:

1. Personalize the User Experience for Each Visitor

Most companies offer the same browsing experience to every customer who visits the website. Conversational chatbots have changed that paradigm. For example, right at the beginning of an interaction, the bot asks the user for his name and addresses him by that throughout the course of the conversation. Even if the customer leaves and returns after a few days, the bot still remembers it and begins the conversation with a personalized greeting.

This is just one example of personalization that chatbots offer

2. Engaged Conversion Process

The standard contact forms on any website are tedious for any prospective customers or lead to complete. But using conversational chatbots, instead of forms businesses can make the conversion process more user-friendly, engaging and fun

3. Streamline the Browsing Experience

Think about a website with a lot of distractions that complicate the browsing experience for the customer or become an obstacle in the lead conversion process. By integrating a chatbot in the website the customer can get any information based on a product or service by simply asking what that information is. This way the customer does not waste time in navigating through pages for a particular piece of content, they are interested in. Instead, customers get the information they ask for in real time.

4. Serving Interactive FAQ

Customers visiting the website have a handful of questions or concerns on products, services, and company-related queries. Most websites address these questions on their FAQ page. But the visitors need to be able to find that page and willing to spend that much time in scrolling through the pages and finding the information relevant to the question. But conversational bots ease this process by converting the FAQ page into an interactive FAQ.

For example, a visitor has a question related to a particular service, then the bot can give a list of categories to choose from and from there the user can find the information relevant to the topic from wherever he is in the website without having to navigate to the FAQ page.

5. Efficient Customer Assistance

Integrating conversational bots into websites can free human staff to focus on more complex and important tasks. Chatbots can handle basic questions and helping potential customers in finding the right information they are looking for. This improves the efficiency of the human team and can be a complementary tool for the sales and support team.

6. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Another major benefit of having a conversational bot is to ensure better customer satisfaction. That’s because bots can be integrated into various channels and in multiple languages. Customers can look for the information they need in the channel they prefer and in a more personalized manner. Chatbots streamline the entire experience and in turn, contribute to customer loyalty.

Today’s customers expect companies they partner with or buy products to offer information in a simple and hassle-free manner. Deploying conversational chatbots is the best way to meet this customer demand and make the conversion process more engaging and easier.

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