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The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

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As cryptocurrency markets continue to rise in value, now is the time to stop
delaying and make a serious profit from bitcoin investment. These are the best crypto apps
for easily managing transactions and staying on top of the markets for maximum ROI.

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

How do blockchain apps make money? It’s all down to the incredible rise in the value of cryptocurrency stock continuing to reach new heights every year. So it’s no surprise that more people want to take a chance like Mr Bet and invest in this digital gold rush. However, many would-be investors might not be familiar with acquiring and trading stocks. This is where good crypto apps come in. They let us easily buy and sell crypto stocks with just a few clicks. As the market around cryptocurrency has exploded, so has the number of different crypto apps available to smartphone users. Some are great, while others come with a lot of questions, so here’s a rundown of the 5 best crypto apps to ensure smooth trading that keeps your investment secure.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase was one of the first cryptocurrency apps to emerge back in 2012, long before the stock price had reached the dazzling heights of today. Consequently, it has a big share of the trading app market, which has been justified thanks to a really user-friendly interface and some very helpful features. If you’re jumping into the crypto trading game for the very first time, then Coinbase is probably the first choice of all the crypto apps to start with. Once you’ve verified your account, you can link your bank account or any major debit and credit card for payments. If you’re a beginner, then Coinbase has a great pool of educational resources to get you up to speed on the fundamentals of crypto apps trading. You pay a transaction fee of $0.99 on each trade along with a sale commission of 0.5%. It’s a reasonable value for money, especially with features on offer like easy transfers between your different Coinbase wallets and a real-time cryptocurrency watch list.

2. Gemini

For a lean and agile example of legit bitcoin apps, look no further than Gemini. A simple and intuitive interface hides a very powerful toolkit to enable users to stay on top of crypto market activity at all times. Real-time asset and market tracking provide your eyes and ears as to movements in crypto stocks, and an option for price alerts means you can act immediately on shifts in the market. You can also set up a schedule to execute recurring buys if you want your crypto apps to go for a long investment in a particular currency. It’s free to create an account, and commissions run to 0.25% or less on each trade. If you’re a casual investor who wants to buy some currency and leave it to sit for a year in your crypto apps, then these features won’t be of much interest. But if you’re planning on micro-managing your portfolio day-to-day, then Gemini is an excellent choice.

3. Robinhood

While not one of the specialized crypto apps, Robinhood’s intuitive interface makes trading stress-free and has helped hundreds of thousands of casual investors get involved in stock trading. It’s an attractive choice for those wanting to add some mainstream crypto stocks to their portfolio, and your bitcoins arrive in your crypto apps’ account immediately following a purchase, where with other providers, they could take days to show up. Robinhood has its limitations as a crypto trading platform. Trading is only available on 7 of the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, so if you want to find emerging markets to unlock, then this app will be of limited appeal. In addition, all your investment apps’ blockchain data are kept on the platform until the time comes to sell or withdraw. If you’re all about the freedom to transfer cryptocurrencies from wallet to wallet, then Robinhood may not be the app for you.

4. Binance

Binance is one of the new players in the world of crypto apps, having only opened up shop in 2017. It’s all the more impressive, then, that today it’s actually the biggest crypto trading platform by the sheer volume of transactions. Part of this comes down to Binance’s global reach that supports worldwide trading providing the platform with a bigger audience than other crypto apps. Quantity may possibly have come at the expense of quality since Binance’s interface is a bit fiddlier than its competitors. However, you’ll still be able to easily make transactions in the app for day-to-day trading activities. The company’s reputation took a hit in 2019 when it fell victim to a massive hack. Fortunately, the company learned from this mistake, and security is now Binance’s number one priority: one of the biggest positives of using the app is that insurance funds now protect users’ investments in case of future breaches. It’s a great example of blockchain apps admitting to their faults and working hard to improve service. If you want a truly international crypto platform with a huge range of markets, Binance may be the service you’re looking for.

5. eToro

eToro is almost as much a social network as it is a trading platform, with a huge community of crypto apps enthusiasts who enjoy nothing more than sharing investment strategies and stock tips with each other. It’s like using crypto news apps whilst simultaneously being able to trade on the same platform. eToro has a lot to differentiate itself from the competitors. Upon opening a new account, users will get $100,000 virtual dollars to practice with on the markets, so you can see how your instincts boost your virtual portfolio before you go on to risk any real money. There’s a wealth of crypto apps market on offer and a really robust toolkit for people who are all about customizing their trading setup. Furthermore, there are no withdrawal limits, and depositing is a breeze. The account minimum of $200 USD means eToro is perhaps unsuitable for a first-time investor looking to dabble with crypto markets. But for a seasoned bitcoin investor, eToro has plenty to recommend it above other crypto apps.

Conclusion: Vote With Your Wallet

We’ve looked at the very best bitcoin apps to suit first-time investors and veteran crypto traders alike. There’s no telling when the worldwide crypto apps boom will come to an end, but the markets still continue to rise in shameless defiance of the critics. There’s still time to make a lot of money from crypto speculation, but the longer you leave it, the higher the buy-in price. Grab one of these great crypto apps and start growing your portfolio today. What are blockchain apps that we’d recommend for crypto trading? For beginners, try Coinbase, then go from there. Are there any essential crypto apps that we left out? Let us know in the comments section below.


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