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Salesforce TrailheaDX: Everything you need to know

Salesforce announced a low-code blockchain platform, an AI bias module for Trailhead, and its newly open sourced developer platform at its annual conference.

How AI can be used to remove bias in business
Salesforce’s Architect for Ethical AI Practices sat down with Dan Patterson to discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to enhance business processes and reduce bias.

Salesforce’s annual TrailheaDX developer conference is underway in San Francisco this week, and the global CRM powerhouse has announced a number of new features and updates for enterprise users and developers that take advantage of technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain.

Here is a roundup of Salesforce’s announcements:

Salesforce is adding modules to its Trailhead developer education platform for responsible AI, the company announced Tuesday. The module is intended to “empower developers, designers, researchers, writers, product managers… to learn how to use and build AI in a responsible and trusted way and understand the impact it can have on end users, business, and society,” Kathy Baxter, architect of ethical AI practice at Salesforce, said in a blog post.

Bias in AI is a major issue, and Salesforce’s responsible AI module aims to offer a course around how to avoid this in your algorithms for everyone from data scientists to line of business managers.

On Wednesday, Salesforce announced that it is open sourcing its Lightning Web Components, the framework that allows millions of developers to build apps on the Lightning Platform. Open sourcing the framework will allow developers to create web components on the development stack of their choosing, the company said.

The move allows developers to code with the same standards-based framework to build applications on any platform, using any tools and open languages of their choice, the company said. This will also let a community of enterprise JavaScript developers to contribute to the open source code and drive web standards forward for everyone.

Salesforce Blockchain is the first low-code platform allowing organizations to share distributed data sets across a trusted network of partners and third parties, Salesforce announced Wednesday. Bringing blockchain into the CRM platform will allow companies to create blockchain networks, workflows, and apps to better serve customers, according to a press release.

Organizations across industries can leverage the blockchain for use cases including asset tracking, and credentialing, verification, and authentication of products, the release noted. “By combining CRM workflows with blockchain data, companies can create new business processes and models that span sales, service, marketing and beyond to accelerate the speed of business,” it said.

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