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How data science will look in 2020

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How data science will look in 2020 2

Data science, the term still sounds fancy in today’s tech industry. However, in reality, it has been around this universe for nearly a hundred years now.

In the 1970s, Bayern’s theorem taught that having an initial belief with the help of newer data would lead toward a path of improved belief.

career in data science would be an ideal career choice in the job market.

It is said that between the years 2011 to 2012, job postings for data scientists increased to 15,000%. The job role of a data scientist is to use the data, analyze it by using different tools and technologies turning these big data into actionable insights. Though it sounds simple, the task and responsibilities that these data scientists take up are challenging.

For someone looking to make a career in data and analytics, these are the job roles that are currently in-demand – data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers, and AI hardware specialists.

Here’s how data science will look in 2020: –

AI and machine learning to serve as assistants for a data scientist

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Adopting AI and machine learning does not mean a data science professional will be performing less work. Instead, it means with the help of smarter tools and technologies, skilled data scientists will have much more time to do better work and with better responsibility.

For instance, a data scientist is performing an analysis of the sales data. All of a sudden, the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) arrives and wants to have a look over the latest improvement on the latest leads dashboard. How do you think you’re supposed to bring in the results?

Most of the data scientists spend their day working on checking reports and giving justification from where the numbers are coming and adjusting based on the CRO’s recommendations. Thus, the project gets delayed and pushed back.

On the other hand, imagine the work of AI and machine learning. You can easily say they’re the assistants of a data scientist. They can obtain findings such as information in the leads dashboard, find the narratives and share the same information with stakeholders. With the help of AI and machine learning, you can easily rely on these technologies and get the AI-generated summary.

Machine learning and AI to become storytellers

In a society where data is growing in abundance, interpreters for these data will be sought after. All these while, data scientists have been the interpreters for the data that is extracted.

However, AI and machine learning are technologies that are now becoming storytelling tools. They can easily bridge the communication gap of data science professionals by capturing data in a manner where it is easy to understand.

These technologies have the power of sorting a huge amount of data then translate it into automated summaries, or reports, or explanations of data to be quick and at a larger scale.

In 2020, there will be more than 2.7 million job opportunities for data scientists. If you’re looking to get into these cutting-edge technology jobs you better start reskilling through data science certifications.

As data keeps expanding so will the demand for data scientists grow?

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