Episode 7: How blockchain is making your food safer and smarter

Episode 7: How blockchain is making your food safer and smarter

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Do you trust the food you eat?

These days, more weight is being placed on conscious consumerism and people are beginning to really care about where they’re getting their food.

Blockchain, like so much technology, is generally agnostic. Its ultimate function is to make our lives easier, fuller, and richer. Food is also designed to make our lives easier, fuller, and richer — and trusting the food we eat is serious! People’s health is so often linked to the food they have access to, and when it’s not taken seriously, the results can be tragic. The global food supply chain needs to be made transparent and blockchain is the technology that can make this possible.

This week on IBM Blockchain Pulse, your host Matt Hooper’s guests are Dr. Nigel Gopie, the Head of Marketing for IBM Blockchain, and Alicia Noel, researcher of international food supply chain innovation, with a focus on blockchain applications, as well as the founder of Cultivati. Today, they’re going to be talking about issues that directly affect everyone listening! It’s about the food you eat — where it comes from, where it’s going, where it’s been — and of course, the many powerful ways blockchain is being used for food traceability and agriculture.

Tune in to learn about how blockchain is improving accountability and traceability when it comes to where we get our food from; how IBM Food Trust is creating a smarter, safer food supply; how blockchain is economically impacting the communities that are responsible for supplying the food that we eat, and some of the success stories of those who have embraced the quest for transparency in the food supply chain.

Financial fraud can be damaging but it can also be tracked down and corrected. Why shouldn’t the food we eat be held equally accountable?

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