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DigitalBits To Accelerate The Adoption Of Blockchain Technology

The DigitalBits blockchain launched its MainNet in March of 2018. Digitalbits makes possible the transfer and trading of points, also known as loyalty and rewards.

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The mission is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. Our native decentralized marketplace features multi-hop technology that brings transferability, portability and seamless transfer of value to digital assets.

Comments from DigitalBits founder Al Burgio

“Google, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, ExxonMobil, Chevron, JP Morgan, and more,” said DigitalBits founder Al Burgio. “These are the names that will have to appear next to the branding of blockchain for this new technology to breach the total mainstream. But these companies can’t just depend on their brands to make blockchain accessible. They’ll need to apply this tech to things everyday people do on a regular basis.”

He adds: “Take CryptoKitties, for instance. You Collect and trade CryptoKitties in one of the world’s first blockchain games. Then there is MLB’s Crypto Baseball. You digitally ‘own’ an MLB Crypto figure and play them in live games. Games resonate. At the same time, games won’t transform our way of life in any meaningful way that improves people’s financial lives. For that, blockchain will need to apply to infrastructure. Transnational technology corporations, oil and gas companies, and financial institutions are working on exactly this.”

Blockchain must first be applied to actual industries that affect people’s live now, said the DigitalBits founder. “Business people travel all the time. They use points at their hotels. They use points with their airlines. These are the people who work hard to take control over their financial lives. These are the people open-source blockchain communities should be targeting. That’s why we’re doing it first.”

Al wants to educate people on practical blockchain application. “The blockchain is going to create a free market of points if you will, wherein people enjoy more freedom than ever insofar as brands allow.

He adds: “On DigitalBits, brands program their points to limit how their customers can use them. But blockchain-based points still offer durability, portability, divisibility, uniformity, limited supply and acceptability. It’s a good opportunity for companies to truly build a relationship and deeply connect with their customers.’’

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