Crazy new AI can read your mind

AI might become uncontrollable eventually. That appears to be the prevailing thinking of many people who are pessimistic about artificial intelligence, at least. A recent breakthrough—mind-reading AI—will surely delight some while allaying concerns about the risks AI poses to mankind.

It’s all hoopla, right, that an AI can read your mind? Simple science fiction! Not precisely, though. A new AI might just be able to replicate the things you’re thinking about—and with stunning precision, according to fresh research done by a team of academics.

The reading of minds But AI can’t really read your mind at that precise instant. Rather, it records your brain activity and uses the markers in those recordings to replicate images of what it thinks you were looking at.

The researchers claim that after the AI figured out which areas of the brain it needed to focus on, the outcomes significantly improved. Prior to testing the AI, the researchers recorded the brain activity of three participants while they were given a series of photos using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

After that, they submitted the recordings to the mind-reading AI to test its ability to replicate the visuals that the subjects had been shown. The results of this particular study were incredibly precise. Naturally, the outcomes also demonstrated that recreating AI-generated images is far simpler for the AI than recreating non-AI-generated images.

The algorithms that AI systems initially employed to produce the photographs probably had something to do with that. The preprint server bioRxiv is where the researchers have posted their findings.

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