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CoinFund 2019Q1 | Calendar of Events – The CoinFund Blog

Upcoming CoinFund Rabbithole Talks


Rabbithole Talks is a monthly CoinFund meetup, focused on doing deep dives into innovative token economics and technical design decisions for interesting blockchain-based projects. Past guests have included Doug Petkanics of Livepeer, Hunter Hillman of Connext and Luke Duncan of Aragon. We’re excited to continue the 2019 series with a roster of incredible speakers.

  • RSVP links for future events will be announced on the CoinFund Twitter and via the CoinFund mailing list.

February 28, 2019 with Lane Rettig (eWASM) and Preston Van Loon (Prysmatic Labs)

  • Presenting: Ethereum 1.x and 2.0 roadmap, eWASM vs EVM, Casper economics, sharding vs composability tradeoff, followed by a Q&A.
  • You can RSVP here.

March 26, 2019 with Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin)

  • Open Source powers billions of dollars economic value for the world. Why, then, is Open Source often built on the backs of volunteers? Why does Open Source lack a business model? Blockchain technology has the potential to solve the age-old problem of Open Source Sustainability. In this talk, Gitcoin’s founder, Kevin Owocki, will explore the emergent blockchain Open Source Ecosystem, and share insights from the millions of dollars of OSS transactional value that the Gitcoin network has facilitated. Read more on the Gitcoin blog here.

April 16, 2019 with Thibauld Favre (Continuous Organizations)

  • Aligning stakeholders’ interests in an organization is hard. The current fundraising models (ICO or private fundraising) impose significant limitations on the mechanisms available to align stakeholders’ interests. A Continuous Organization (CO) is a new model designed to make organizations more fluid and more robust by overcoming those limitations. Using the Continuous Organization model, organizations can set themselves in continuous fundraising mode while benefiting from solid and flexible mechanisms to align stakeholders’ interests in their financial success. Read more here.

April 30, 2019 with Daniel Heyman (PegaSys)

  • Presenting: State of Enterprise Blockchain and Technology Life Cycles.

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