5 Reasons Why You Should Store Big Data In The Cloud

5 Reasons Why You Should Store Big Data In The Cloud

Gone are the days when storage of information can only be done with the traditional remote servers which are located in a secluded location. Today, the in-thing is cloud data storage where information and data are stored electronically online. With this approach, you can store unlimited data online (in the cloud) and access it anywhere. Several essays and many articles have been written on storage clouds and benefits of the cloud, but this piece puts forward five of the biggest benefits that you get to enjoy when you save your big data in the cloud. So, what are they?


1. Easy Accessibility and Usability

You do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to save your data online. Study Moose notes that all you have to do in most cases is to drag your file or data and drop it into the online space. It is as easy as that. When you want to access it, what you need is your username and password. Anywhere there is internet service and an appropriate device, accessing your files should never be an issue. In fact, you don’t have to use your devices anytime you plan to access it. A friend’s device or a public computer is enough.

2. Recovery of Data is Easy

Every file or information is susceptible to a number of disasters and setbacks. When this happens, it could mean the loss of an important business proposal or even a Ph.D. thesis. It is about the safest means of protecting a file for a long time. Writers of free essays online have learned to save their essay databases in cloud to guide against attack by malware and viruses. But anyone can find free essays from StudyMoose. It is about the safest means of protecting a file for a long time.

So, for your big files that you don’t want to lose permanently, a convenient and safe way to save them is to push them to the cloud. They get stored in remote locations from where you can access and retrieve them at any point in time. Similarly, this kind of storage usually has a backup server from which recovery can be made should there be any data loss. IMG_256

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Storing big data off the cloud can be very expensive and space-consuming. Imagine if you have to save a whole country’s database in a disk or hard drive; it would consume a lot of hardware which, in effect, would take up a lot of usable space. Also, it could mean that some resources and power would be expended while trying to save the data. However, with cloud storage, a substantial amount of cost is saved. In fact, storing data digitally online is almost free. The only time you may have to pay is when you want to access it via the internet. No maintenance service is required for big data stored in the cloud, and this is another reason why it is considered cost-effective.

4. Automation and Easy Sharing of Data

Since it is a huge file or information you want to make, you would want some degrees of automation, especially for regular backup. This would ensure that you won’t have to keep a vigil while trying to ensure that everything is alright. Most free English essays online and other data by big businesses are safeguarded via this means. The essays are safely protected and backed up automatically without having to log in online each time the update is due. And what’s more? The process is free of charge. Similarly, if there is a need to share your file or data with friends, clients, colleagues, or anyone because it is in the cloud, it is quite easy. There is no need trying to move files or disk around. All that is needed is to enable the intended recipient to have access to the exact cloud environment that the file is or share the account information with them. IMG_256

5. Synchronization and Scalable Service

With cloud data storage, you can easily scale resources and pay for only the things you need. This method also allows you to define what the attributes of the cloud would be. The implication of this is that things become more flexible with you, and you can effectively secure your big data. Furthermore, part of the benefits of the cloud storage option for big data is the capacity to synchronize data on your devices. In other words, your data saved in the cloud can be accessed either on your tablet or PC. And if you want to connect the two devices together to access this data, it is equally easy. What this means is that cloud information can be seamlessly transferred among devices without running the risk of complications often associated with a manual exchange of data and files between devices.


Cloud data storage, especially for big data, hardly has any negative effect. Rather, the benefits are very numerous. Beginning from easy access to security, collaboration, file sharing with other users to easy synchronization, the benefits of cloud storage make a good case for it. Good enough, you do not need to have much technical know-how to store your big data in the cloud. For the most part, you only need to know how to log in and out of a platform and save files.

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